Pay For It Casinos

Paul Grady
January 8, 2023

What is Payforit Casino?

Payforit is a method of payment that lets you pay to play at a casino site by only using your phone. All it takes is a few taps in a payforit casino in the UK, and you can make deposits safely and without sharing any sensitive information.

You can use the payforit casino sites if you are a pay as you go customer or one with monthly contract. With the first, you can gamble the balance you have available, which means that you’ll set your limit before you start gambling. With the latter, the casino will add your spending to your monthly bill, the same way it goes for texts and calls.

Best PayForIt Casinos

Slot Madness

Slot Madness offers one of the best free spins bonus you’ll find in the UK casino market – 300 spins. But, that’s not all. Here you can double your deposit with their welcome bonus, and pay with your phone without risking your bank information.

Play Zee

Play Zee often makes people leave with a fortune thanks to their numerous jackpots and entertaining games. They also added some new payment methods to their list of options, therefore attracting even more people to choose the site. Payforit is one of their new methods.

Benefits of Payforit Casinos

When you gamble at pay by mobile phone casinos, you’re enjoying one of the grand benefits this offers – security. If you choose this payment method, you’ll have to provide a phone number and that is it! No more credit or debit card numbers, bank accounts, or any other payment method where you disclose sensitive information regarding your finances.

Great casinos make every type of payment safe, but why not take it one step further and ensure that no one can ever hack your payment details? If you choose the top pay by mobile phone casino, there is nothing else to worry about other than how to win more.

Payforit Casinos FAQ

Payforit payout times

Payforit is pretty much instantaneous. All you have to do to use your phone to deposit money is provide the casino with the phone number, maybe enter a pin on your phone, select the amount, and start playing.

Payforit deposit and withdrawal limits

This doesn’t depend on the Payforit Company, but the casino you play in. Thankfully, you can now find online casinos that allow for low deposit with this kind of a payment method, making it available to everyone.

Payforit casino fees

Most casinos won’t charge you extra when you’re using this option. Payforit casino fees range from none to minimal, which makes it the preferred option among casino players

Payforit transactions security

The biggest reason why Payforit is so popular is the level of security it offers to its users. When you pay with your phone, you’re skipping the ordeal of having to share the numbers from your cards, your bank account numbers, etc

Author Paul Grady