Boku Casinos

Paul Grady
January 8, 2023

What Are Boku Casinos?

UK gamblers are no longer limited to brick-and-mortar casinos. If they enjoy playing anytime, they can access online casinos and enjoy all games that “real” gambling sites offer. Since there are many online casinos accepting Boku, gambling is more convenient than ever.

Boku is mobile payment method provided by a company from San Francisco, California. Its users can safely pay for any kinds of services by using their mobile phone number. With this, they avoid providing real banking information. They pay this amount on next bill from their mobile network operator.

Best Boku Casino


Dazzle casino.


Casumo casino.

Benefits of Using the Best Boku Casinos in the UK

  • UK gamblers can use this method, so they can easily gamble at online casino with Boku deposit.
  • It’s secure banking method, since you don’t provide info from your bank account. 
  • Boku allows depositing only small amounts of money, up to £30 per day. This helps you control your habits in online gambling. You cannot make large deposits, so you’ll prevent yourself from losing plenty of money. 
  • Deposits occur in a few clicks. You’ll instantly see funds on your balance. 
  • Although this is intended as payment method on mobile, it’s also available for PC. In fact, you can make your Boku deposit from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. 
  • There’s a wide range of British gambling sites that accept this banking method.

Boku Casino FAQ

Who can use Boku?

O2, Vodafone, Three, EE, and many other British mobile operators enable payments with this method. If you’re a subscriber of any of their postpaid packages, you can use the method. Deposit amount is charged on your bill. If you’re on a prepaid payment model, mobile operator will take deposit amounts from your current credit available.

What are the payout times?

All deposits are instant. You’ll need an account on the official Boku website, but you may also do it through a mobile app. Then, you’ll use this method whenever you wanna invest money in online gambling.
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to withdraw funds from casinos using Boku. It’s only intended as a one-sided payment method.

What about deposit and withdrawal limits?

There’s no minimum deposit imposed by Boku. That’s a rule that the casino sets. Most casinos will set the minimum really low (at £5 or £10), so everyone can try out the website without much risk involved.
As for withdrawals limits, they are also set by the website. However, keep in mind that you cannot use Boku as a withdrawal method. You’ll have to choose another way to get your money.

Are there any fees?

In essence, Boku is free for the users, but it charges fees to companies. Some of the finest casinos don’t charge fees for transactions. Others will impose a minimal fee on the amount, but it won’t surpass 15% of the amount. It’s important to read the terms, so you’ll know about any billing fees that take place.

Are Boku transactions secure?

This is a highly secure depositing method for online gambling. You are not providing any personal financial information to the casino or your mobile operator. Everything goes through your mobile subscription. No banks are involved, so you won’t have to worry about exposing such information when you wanna gamble online.

Author Paul Grady