Boku Casinos

What Are Boku Casinos?

UK gamblers are no longer limited to brick-and-mortar casinos. If they enjoy playing anytime, they can access online casinos and enjoy all games that “real” gambling sites offer. Since there are many online casinos accepting Boku, gambling is more convenient than ever.

Boku is mobile payment method provided by a company from San Francisco, California. Its users can safely pay for any kinds of services by using their mobile phone number. With this, they avoid providing real banking information. They pay this amount on next bill from their mobile network operator.

Best Boku Casino

Dazzle casino.

Casumo casino.

Benefits of Using the Best Boku Casinos in the UK

  • UK gamblers can use this method, so they can easily gamble at online casino with Boku deposit.
  • It’s secure banking method, since you don’t provide info from your bank account. 
  • Boku allows depositing only small amounts of money, up to £30 per day. This helps you control your habits in online gambling. You cannot make large deposits, so you’ll prevent yourself from losing plenty of money. 
  • Deposits occur in a few clicks. You’ll instantly see funds on your balance. 
  • Although this is intended as payment method on mobile, it’s also available for PC. In fact, you can make your Boku deposit from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. 
  • There’s a wide range of British gambling sites that accept this banking method.

Boku Casino FAQ

O2, Vodafone, Three, EE, and many other British mobile operators enable payments with this method. If you’re a subscriber of any of their postpaid packages, you can use the method. Deposit amount is charged on your bill. If you’re on a prepaid payment model, mobile operator will take deposit amounts from your current credit available.

All deposits are instant. You’ll need an account on the official Boku website, but you may also do it through a mobile app. Then, you’ll use this method whenever you wanna invest money in online gambling.
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to withdraw funds from casinos using Boku. It’s only intended as a one-sided payment method.

There’s no minimum deposit imposed by Boku. That’s a rule that the casino sets. Most casinos will set the minimum really low (at £5 or £10), so everyone can try out the website without much risk involved.
As for withdrawals limits, they are also set by the website. However, keep in mind that you cannot use Boku as a withdrawal method. You’ll have to choose another way to get your money.

In essence, Boku is free for the users, but it charges fees to companies. Some of the finest casinos don’t charge fees for transactions. Others will impose a minimal fee on the amount, but it won’t surpass 15% of the amount. It’s important to read the terms, so you’ll know about any billing fees that take place.

This is a highly secure depositing method for online gambling. You are not providing any personal financial information to the casino or your mobile operator. Everything goes through your mobile subscription. No banks are involved, so you won’t have to worry about exposing such information when you wanna gamble online.

First Deposit Bonus Casinos

What Is First Deposit (Welcome) Bonus?

An online casino’s welcome bonus is the first offered bonus by the casino you’re playing in. This bonus can be used only for your first game on the site as one of their customers. That being said, these types of bonuses can come in different sizes and with different requirements. To be more, many casinos offer several different first deposit bonuses you can mix or choose from.

For example, a casino may welcome you with a no deposit bonus and free spins. Also, they may let you get a grand 100% or 200% bonus on the deposit you make, all while limiting the maximum amount you can get as a bonus.

Casinos with Best Casino Welcome Bonus

Casumo might give you less spins (20 free spins when you sign up), but their welcome bonus is really attractive. Here you can get up to 300 Euros with your first deposits, money that you can use to play one of their many games of high quality. The casino is known for its gaming versatility, as well as the great customer support.

Playzee works with points that help you climb higher on their loyalty program ladder. When you sign up, you automatically get 500 Zee points. But, that’s not all. This offer is much more exciting when you learn that you can get a welcome bonus of up to 1500 Euros. This is one of the best offers you’ll get, and it’s combined with no less than 150 free spins. Makes you want to open their pages right away, doesn’t it?

If the last offer sounded attractive, wait till you hear this one. The popular casino all gambling experts have heard of, Dream Vegas, gives 50 free spins and a bonus of up to 2500 Euros to its new players. This is one of the best welcome gifts you can get in the online casino world, and it is made possible thanks to the popularity of the casino.

MrGreen isn’t only one of the most versatile gaming hubs, but also a very generous casino. They have three options for you as a welcome gift. If you’re getting their casino welcome bonus, you can get a bonus of up to 100 Euros and 100 free spins on some of their slots, as well as 20 free spins every day over the period of five days. If you want to play at their live casino, you get a bonus of up to 100 Euros to use on the Blackjack and Roulette tables. Finally, their sport bonus gives you 2x 10 Euros free bets to use on any sport, plus 100 free spins you can use over five consecutive days.

Be prepared to be truly amazed with the welcome bonus this casino gives. If you sign up and deposit money at the Genesis Casino, you can get a bonus that goes up to 1000 Euros. This is combined with 300 free spins, which makes for an offer you can’t afford to miss.

Cashable vs. Non-Cashable Welcome Bonuses at the Best First Deposit Bonus Casinos

You can’t really expect that a casino will reward you with 200% bonus on your deposit and you’ll be able to just take your money and not play. It’s a silly and unrealistic thought.

Casinos that offer welcome bonuses always set their own wagering requirements. With the bonus you’re given, you have to play for at least a couple of times before you are able to withdraw your money. Some of the welcome bonuses aren’t cashable until you play with the amount for over 50 times, if not more. Others allow you to withdraw them much sooner.

The requirements that allow you to claim a welcome bonus can also vary from one casino to another.

What Games Can I Play with a Casino Welcome Bonus?

Based on the casino you’ll be playing in; you’ll be given one or more options to use the bonus. Some of the more popular casinos with thousands of game choices often give their players a chance to pick between many games. Others will limit your bonus to a single game, few games, and very likely – for a certain amount of time.

How to Make the Most of Welcome Bonus

Those who aren’t experienced in using online casinos for gambling don’t know how to use the welcome bonuses well. When you see a ‘no deposit’ welcome bonus option, you’ll probably rush to use it. However, the casino might also offer some really attractive options that let you get up to thousands of dollars on top of your deposit.

In these cases, your deposit will have to be bigger for you to get more money, but seeing how some casinos offer up to 400% and even 500% bonuses for new players, you should definitely be considering this option. The goal is to check how much you can get when you deposit your first time and use the maximum.

Do’s and Don’ts of Welcome Bonuses

You’ll probably find many different welcome bonuses if you check different casinos. Some casinos use these to reel you in without providing you with enough information. You might end up getting less than you expected or go to a bad casino just because their bonus sounded great.

This is why, before you choose a casino that gives you a welcome bonus, you need to look at many things. Frist, you need to check the deposit requirements for that bonus. How much is the minimum and how much is the maximum? Do you have to make several deposits to use the welcome bonus? If yes, how much should you deposit to get the best of these?

Also, you should definitely check the casino’s game options and see what’s allowed when it comes to the welcome bonus. Yu don’t want to end up spending thousands of euros on a casino that lets you use the bonus on a single game. It will be excruciating and really boring.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

The Model of 200% Bonus Deposit Casinos

The model of this kind of bonus is rather simple. Based on your deposit, you’ll get a 200% bonus. Of course, casinos set their limits when it comes to such bonuses, but we’ll help you find the top 200% bonus deposit casinos that allow you to make real fortune with this excellent offer.

Best 200% Bonus Deposits Casinos in the UK​


The Dunder casino is by far the most popular option in terms of 200% deposit bonus. When you sign up, they give you 20 bonus spins, a bonus package that goes up to 600, plus 200 bonus spins. They have three welcome bonuses of this kind, but most importantly, they have the 200% deposit bonus that doubles the amount you deposit.

The welcome bonus at William Hill goes up to £100. Known as one of the best sports gambling platforms online as well as the website that has a highly popular live casino version, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on.

The welcome package at the 14 Red Casino makes for the biggest bonus you’ll find in reliable casinos online – up to $1200 made on your first three deposits! They give you grand bonus on three deposits, plus 50 bonus spins when you use a code. As a welcome bonus, you can get up to 600 Euros. The second deposit gives you a 100% bonus that goes up to 300 Euros, while the third one gives you 50% bonus up to 300 Euros.

The Model of 300% Bonus Deposit Casinos

Top 300% bonus deposit casinos make you a very simple, yet thrilling bonus offer. They give you a chance to deposit a certain amount of money and allow you to get 300% bonus on it. Sure, the amount you can deposit will depend on the casino itself, but the offer is still amazing.
Casinos usually set the minimum and maximum amount you must deposit to enjoy this kind of bonus. So, while some casinos have amazing no deposit bonuses, their biggest bonus offers happen when you deposit at least their minimum required 300% bonus deposit. That being said, we’ll help you find the best 300% bonus deposit casinos to play in.

Best 300% Bonus Deposits Casino in the UK

Based on what we’ve done in the steps we discussed, we came up with a great list of the best 300% bonus deposit casinos in the UK.

The popular Bingo Cams Casino has a welcome bonus of 300%. This bonus is automatically credited to your account when you start gaming on their site. The site has an amazing variety of games you can play, as well as versatile bonus offers you’ll surely find appealing.

The no deposit bonus at the Cherry Gold Casino is among the most popular options found in the market – $100. However, many rush to enjoy this offer, failing to discover that this popular casino has a much better deposit bonus option. They offer up to $3000 bonus deposit for new players, which is one of the highest offers we’ve seen so far.

In the Spicy Spins, you not only get free spins when you sign up with them and start playing one of their many games, but also a great 300% bonus. This bonus goes up to amazing $1200 and is combined with 150 spins on your forth deposit. You’d have to deposit four amounts to enjoy the highest bonus they offer, and the offers grow gradually.

The Model of 400% Bonus Deposit Casinos

The 400% bonus deposit casinos have the simplest and most incredible system you can find today. Their model requires that a player places a deposit, usually on his first time gambling on a casino’s website. He must meet the minimum wagering requirements which are usually not high at all, and he’s entitled 400% bonus on the money he deposits.

This, of course, means that the more you deposit, the more you’ll get. There are limitations as to how much you can deposit to get the 400% bonus, but you can actually find some reliable 400% bonus deposit casinos that let you receive an extra thousand or two for gambling!

List of the Best 400% Bonus Deposits Casinos in the UK

Finally, here’s our list of the best casinos in the UK that offer this type of bonus.

Also known as the Gala Bingo sisters, this group of casinos offers you 400% bonus on your first deposit. Their sites include the Gala Casino, Gala Spins, and Buzz Bingo. The maximum you can get from this bonus is £50. This is a great offer since, to get there, you need to only spend £10 on the casino.

The first deposit bonus at the popular 888Ladies casino is 400%. The minimum to bet there is just £5. The maximum you can get is £400, for which you’d have to deposit at least £100, of course. It’s a really attractive offer available to only new users, so make sure to make the best of it before you really get into gaming on this popular website.

The Model of 500% Bonus Deposit Casinos

Before we go into our process of picking the top 500% bonus deposit casinos, let’s discuss what this option really gives you as a player. If you play at such a casino, you’ll be welcomed with a bonus that gives you 500% over the deposit you’ve made. This can be split in several deposits or be focused on your first bet. Casinos will also have clearly set requirements of the minimum amount you must deposit to enjoy such bonus, as well as the maximum you can get with this offer.

Best 500% bonus deposits casino in the UK

Our list may be really limited, but it gives you a unique option – to get 500% bonus on your deposit as a new player.

The Paddy Power casino has become really popular in the past few years. It is one of the very few that offer a 500% bonus offer. In fact, it’s the only legitimate and trustworthy option we found that offers this kind of a bonus to its users. Their games are versatile and of high quality, while the casino uses one of the safest systems for payments. You can get up to £50 bonus credit by spending only £10 when you first gamble on their site. When you redeem this bonus, you get 100 spins at the Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Seas, available at a rate of 25 per day.

Best Payout Casinos

Casino Payout Percentage: What Is It?

When you hear the word ‘payouts’ close to the mention of a casino, you instantly become intrigued. Some casinos seem to have higher payouts than others. The same is valid for some games.

However, looking at casino payout percentage as something you can control is wrong. The payout percentage is the amount of payouts one game will return to you over the period of spins you’re playing.

You may not be able to control your winnings and losses altogether, but you can definitely increase your odds at winning. When it comes to wagering, there are certain strategies that can boost your chances at a payout. So, it isn’t all about the best online casinos that payout – it is also about the games you play and where you play them.

Is It Possible to Raise Your Payout Percentage?

Before you try to figure out what the best payout online casino in the UK is, you should know what to play in that casino. Statistics say that the highest payout percentage and lowest house edge happens in table games. If you play table games, your chances to win a payout are higher.

On the other hand, video slots in physical casinos have a lower payout percentage than table games. However, when it comes to online casinos, this can go as high as 99% on some of the games. Therefore, online players often search for the best payout slots to boost their chance at a win.

Are Payouts a Good Method to Detect the Best Payout Casino?

When deciding on a casino, there are many things to consider. Choosing a casino from the highest payout online casinos list is helpful, but this is just the beginning. You definitely want to play at popular casinos that have great reputation in terms of payouts. However, you should also consider quality of games, customer service, as well as payment methods.

What Payment Options are Preferred at Casinos with the Best Payout?

Casinos with highest percentage of payout are the most popular casinos out there. It is safe to say that most of them will offer the three main payment categories: cards, e-wallets, and wire transfers. Nowadays, the preferred option by most is e-wallets. These usually allow for instant withdrawals and provide an additional level of security.

However, seeing how highly advanced system casinos use to process payments, many players choose the cards or wire transfers as an option. Some of these might be slower, but if this suits you better, it is definitely a safe option.

What Casino Slots are the Highest Paying?

The Mega Joker Slot is a 5-line, 2×3 reel, and multiple coin slot. It’s a basic game with amazing graphics, as are most of the NetEnt games. It allows for a progressive jackpot and has a supermeter mode played in the upper reels. You can play this on all five bet lines at one of the 4 bet levels. The Mystery wins occur for jokers at bets of 100 and 200.

This game looks different from the ordinary slots. It’s a 5-reel slot that has 3 symbols on each reel. It has 25 win lines, but you might find an option to play with fewer lines. When you spin, you choose one of their fifteen total stakes.
To win at this game, you need 3 consecutive symbols on a win line, starting left to right. Some of the symbols bring more money than others. The best symbol with highest payout is the mermaid. This symbol pays out 50x of the total stake if you land five in the row.

Starmania is a video slot with 10 pay lines and 5 reels. Its design is based on stars and space, and since it’s a NextGen game, it has a really good graphic. The reels are transparent while the symbols are colourful and set in outer space. There’s a free spins feature, too.

Fast Withdrawal Online Casinos

What is Online Casino?

An online casino is the perfect haven for people who don’t like the casino crowd, large fees, and the entire ordeal of having to dress up and drive there. It’s also great for the ones on a low budget or the players who want to cut down on their spending. An online casino lets you gamble on your favourite casino games from your smart device, laptop, or tablet. You can do this from any place, at any time, as long as you have an Internet connection and know of a good online casino.

The chances at winning are equally high when you play at an online casino. You can even find a live casino where you’ll play in real time, with an actual dealer and other players.

Is It Possible to Get Fast Withdrawal with Online Casino?

When you’ve had a great session at a casino table or a winning streak on some slot game, you want to withdraw your winnings as soon as possible. Those who know when to stop always feel this way. However, some casinos take forever to hand you the money you won, no matter how much you ask for it and how attentive you are to their requests.

In addition to looking for a casino that has good games and versatile payment options, you need to find an online casino with fast withdrawal. You’re gambling to win some money, so you must be prepared for it when the time comes to actually collect your winnings.

Advantages of Fast Withdrawal Online Casinos

If you’ve gambled online before and won some money, you know how frustrating it can be to wait to withdraw your winnings. You’ve already made spending plans and the casino keeps postponing the payment for silly reasons.
Even fast withdrawal casinos can postpone your payment, but only if you haven’t verified your profile or followed up on their wagering requirements. However, in this type of casinos, you can literally withdraw your money instantly or within hours if you’ve verified your identity, without any hassles or troubles.

Disadvantages of Fast Withdrawal Online Casinos

As long as the casino you’re using is a safe casino, you shouldn’t face any disadvantages in terms of withdrawals. Casinos that offer fast withdrawals and use safe payment systems are your best option, especially if they have quality games you can choose between.

How to Withdraw at a Fast Payout Casino

If your luck served you well and you earn some cash, good for you! Now it is time to go over to the cashier page, pick a withdrawal method, and ask for your money. You’ll have to meet their minimum withdrawal limit, so keep this in mind when you try to get your money. Also, if you want a speedy withdrawal, make sure to choose a faster banking option.

When you click ‘request’, you have to wait for the casino to respond. If your profile is filled properly and you’ve verified your identity, you’ll get instant withdrawal with the methods that allow it, such as most e-wallets. However, if you pick something lengthier, like a credit card or wire transfer, you will have to wait a certain amount of hours or days to get your money.

You have two options if you’re trying to withdraw to the e-wallet. You can keep them in the wallet and spend them online, or withdraw the funds to your account. This also takes some time, but it no longer depends on the casino. The casino’s job is finished at this point, so you have to check the e-wallet and bank’s processing times.

When everything is handled and everyone has finished processing your money, you’ll have your winnings in your hands or bank account, ready to spend them as you want.

FAQ on Fast Withdrawal

Most fast withdrawal casinos will offer some free withdrawals depending on the banking method. They’ll present their charges on the website, so make sure to see if there are any fees involved before you request a withdrawal.

If you’ve found a fast withdrawal casino, you’re already half way there. But, there’s one more way to speed up the withdrawal process. You must ensure that you know the terms and conditions of the casino, as well as that you’ve fully verified your identity. If you’ve provided all identity documents, this will go rapidly. If you haven’t, it may still take a while, even if you’ve picked the best casino there is.

Yes, different casinos will have different withdrawal limitations. These can also vary based on the payment option you’re choosing.

The duration of any withdrawal depends on the payment method you’ve selected. If you’ve done your part and verified your profile, you only need to check how long your preferred method of withdrawal will take. This can be instant, or last for hours or days.

Low Wagering Online Casino

What Is Low Wagering Casino Online?

If you’re into gambling at casinos, you have surely tried to win in the online casino industry. The thrill is the same and yet, you don’t have to dress up or go to a real casino. And still, online casinos are as real as it gets. You get all the benefits, plus some more.

Online casinos have become so popular, the competition among them is huge. This leads to consistent benefits for the players. The best part about online casinos today is that it’s much more affordable than the traditional casino option. Out of all benefits, the best one is, without any doubt, the low wagering casinos benefit. This is the opportunity to play games without a big investment.

Best Low Wagering Online Casinos

Is It Possible to Play Online at a Low Wagering Casino in the UK?

Playing online at casinos with low wagering requirements (£1, £3, £5​) is possible for everyone today. If you’re of age, have a bit of money to spare, and like the casino industry – then you’re in for a treat. Since the competition is only growing and becoming harsher, it is the players who truly benefit from this. Today, casinos will offer you amazing low wagering casino bonuses to make you choose them instead of their competition. This is where the true advantage of gambling online lies.

To play at a low wagering casino UK, you need to find a good one. Many will offer you no deposits or low deposits to be able to play. But, they’ll put a limit to what you can play and how much you can win. This is why your goal must be to find a reliable casino with realistic wagering requirements. You might find one with 10x, 30x or 50x wagering requirement, but you can also find casinos that don’t let you take your winnings until you’ve spun the deposit for hundreds of times.

How to Play at Low Wagering Online Casinos

What currencies are accepted in best low wagering casino?

Many casinos choose to work with only the currency of the country they are situated in. Yes, online casinos are found online, but they still belong to a certain establishment located in a certain country. Or at least, that was the situation before. Now, modern casinos go further and let you gamble with different currencies. You can gamble with Euros, Dollars, as well as your e-wallet, bank, or credit card balance.

What payments methods are accepted in most of online casinos?

Most online casinos will split their options into three payment methods: cards, wire transfers, and e-wallets. They may accept different cards, different e-wallets, and some even accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. The last option is the least frequent and yet, in high demand. That being said, you must check and consider all payment options before you make the final choice about the online casino you’ll be using.

Is it safe to play online casinos?

Playing at secure, licensed, and regulated online casinos is safe. Thankfully, most countries have their regulatory bodies that regulate online gambling and such sites.

Even so, you may still come across a casino that is delaying withdrawals, using tricks to attract you to play there, postponing or looking for ways to avoid paying you, etc. Therefore, finding a good casino is key. Once you find it, playing there will be 100% safe.

Advantages of Low Wagering Online Casino

Low wagering comes with a great advantage that is quite obvious – affordability. But, this isn’t just great for those who don’t have a lot to spend on online gambling. It’s a great chance to involve everyone in online casino games, even those who can’t afford the costly suits and gowns or the memberships at elite casinos.

But, there’s more to this offer. This offer lets people try out a new game and learn how to play it without losing money. It allows people to test a new strategy – start small to minimize the losses and grow gradually in terms of money. Finally, it’s an amazing opportunity to check out how a new casino works before you actually start making your big bets there.

Disadvantages of Low Wagering Online Casino

When you bet little money, the amount of money you can win is significantly lower. Every casino player knows this. But, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to climb higher and bet with more money. You might start with budget games, but if you win, you can invest in the big games that bring big jackpots.

Another thing that may be considered a disadvantage is the strict wagering requirements. Casinos reward you with this great opportunity, but they must limit you somehow in order for them not to suffer losses. So, expect to be asked to play with the amount for a couple dozen times. If this is not exaggerated, it’s completely understandable.

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